Concrete Expo is a dedicated event for the concrete industry, that not only delivers a trade show specifically for your business, but being collocated with CIVILS EXPO, as part the UK's biggest construction trade event, will deliver so much more.


Top Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

  • Learn about new developments in the industry, and what will be hitting the market in the future, giving you the jump on competitors.
  • The industry's latest technology will be on display for you to explore, in one place.
  • Meet exhibitors and talk to experts on the stands, picking their brains for answers and solutions.
  • Network with other attendees, share views and issues, which you have in common - an opportunity to share solutions.
  • Compare products and services all in one place, saving time, effort and money
  • Find solutions for your company needs, or find a new supplier that can help with a specific problem.
  • Gain first-hand experience from the people that know, get direct feedback on next steps and strategies.
  • Tap into a a valuable resource of knowledge and experience, which could take months to track down via usual channels


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